The device for determining the number of falling PCHP-3 is designed to control one of the quality indicators of grain, flour and other starch-containing products, by determining the activity of alpha-amylase.
The device implements a method based on rapid gelatinization of an aqueous suspension of flour in a boiling water bath and subsequent measurement of the degree of liquefaction of the paste under the action of alpha-amylase contained in the sample, according to GOST 30498 and ISO 3093-82.
In the upgraded PChP-3, a single-button control system “START / STOP” has been introduced, which saves the user from performing unnecessary operations while working with the device. Automation of all functions in devices of this type is used for the first time, and allows you to interrupt and resume the operation of the device at any stage of measurements.
The liquid crystal monitor of the new PChP-3 displays all the information necessary for the user: the water temperature in the water bath in the heating mode, the program operating modes and instructions for operations. In addition, such modes as: “Start of work”, “Interruption of the mode”, “Large spread” and “Result” are accompanied by corresponding sound signals.
Instruments for determining the number of falling PCHP-3 and PChP-7 use the “Measurement Standard” technology: each device is tested in accordance with GOST 30498, verified for compliance with metrological characteristics, and is configured according to a single reference sample.
Devices PChP-3 and PChP-7 are certified by ROSTEST, and are used by the Institute of Grain to determine the reference flour.