Tabletop centrifuge OPn-3.03 – Laboratory clinical centrifuge, portable, intermittent.

Designed for use in the practice of laboratory clinical diagnostics for fractionation of inhomogeneous liquid systems with a density of up to 2 g/cm3 under the influence of centrifugal forces.

The centrifuge provides the installation of the speed of rotation of the test tube holder in steps – 1000, 1500, 3000 rpm with light signaling of the set speed step.

Permissible deviation of the set speed is no more than ±150 rpm at frequencies of 1000 and 1500 rpm and minus 400 rpm at a speed of 3000 rpm.

  • Time of establishment of an operating mode and time of braking – no more than 3 minutes.
  • The maximum value of the separation factor is -1450.
  • The maximum volume of the centrifugate is 180 ml.

The centrifuge has a security system that provides:

  • blocking the inclusion of the rotation of the test tube holder with the lid open;
  • blocking the opening of the lid until the tube holder stops completely.

The centrifuge is equipped with a 24-place tube holder. The test tube holder is designed to work with test tubes of the “vacutainer” type with a capacity of 1.7 to 10 ml. In this case, it is possible to simultaneously install test tubes: – 12 pcs with a capacity of 1.7 to 5 ml and 12 pcs with a capacity of 7 to 10 ml or 24 pcs with a capacity of 1.7 to 5 ml.

Table centrifuge OPn-3.03 Specifications

  • Power supply from a single-phase AC mains:

power consumption, VA 300

voltage, V 220

frequency, Hz 50

  • Overall dimensions, mm:

length 445

width 430

height 235

  • Weight, kg, no more than 15.