Stopwatch SOSpr-2b “AGAT” Stopwatch, designed to measure time in minutes, seconds and fractions of a second, is used in sports competitions, as well as in scientific research and timing. Has anti-shock protection of the Balance.
The stopwatch mechanism of caliber 42 mm on 16 ruby ​​stones has a spring engine, an anchor stroke and a “balance – spiral” oscillatory system with an oscillation period of 0.4 s.
The duration of work from one full winding is at least 18 hours.
To control the arrows, the stopwatch mechanism is equipped with a special summing device. Start, stop the hands by pressing the crown, return to zero – by pressing the button.
The stopwatch has a 60-second scale with a division value of 0.2 s and a 60-minute counter with a division value of 1 min. The case of the stopwatch is metal, chrome-plated.


accuracy class 2
permissible error for 10 minutes, s ±0,6
permissible error for 60 minutes, s ±1,8
operating temperature range, °C -20…+40
overall dimensions (no more), mm d55x19x76
weight, kg 0,12
mechanism anti-shock device of the balance unit
frame metal, chrome