Set of preparations “Zoology” (11 samples for school )
Sets of ready-made preparations are intended for independent study and carrying out school laboratory work on basic biology courses:

  • botany
  • zoology
  • general biology
  • anatomy and physiology

An educational micropreparation is a glass slide with an object located and fixed on it, already prepared for examination under a microscope. The top of the object is covered with a thin cover glass. The dimensions of finished preparations are standard (25 mm x 76 mm) and are suitable for use with any Micromed biological microscope.
All micropreparations are signed, numbered and placed in plastic cases with individual compartments for easy storage and study.
11 specimens, 13 slides, coverslips

  • Hydra longitudinal section
  • Hydra cross section
  • Ascaris wives longitudinal section
  • Earthworm cross section
  • Scales of a goldfish whole body
  • Bird feather whole body
  • Bee’s foot whole body
  • Butterfly wing whole body
  • Butterfly oral apparatus
  • Locust mouthparts
  • keratinizing epithelium