Manual multi-level grain samplers are used for taking medium samples. They allow you to take samples simultaneously at several levels with an embankment depth of up to 1.5 m and up to 2 m.
They are used at grain receiving and grain processing enterprises, feed industry enterprises, in the State Grain Inspectorate, and other agricultural organizations. Designed for grain sampling in granaries, warehouses, vehicles, railway wagons, etc.
Samplers are manufactured in accordance with the requirements and GOST 13586.3-83 “Rules for acceptance and sampling methods”, in options: 4-level 1.5 m long and 5-level 2.0 m long. They are made in two versions: with a horizontal ( PZM-1) and diagonal (PZM-3) sampling.
The samplers are easy to maintain, light in weight and robust in design.
The difference between PZM-3 and PZM-1 is the presence of handles and inclined external sampling holes (at an angle of 9°), which protect the grain from damage and pinching during sampling.


pointed cone-tip

handle for closing intake openings

intake openings

outer casing – duralumin tube

inner casing – duralumin tube

Operating procedure

1. Turn the handle clockwise to close the intake holes with shutters.
2. Immerse the sampler with closed flaps into the product embankment.
3. Open the intake holes by turning the handle counterclockwise until it stops.
4. Raise and lower the sampler several times in the embankment to speed up the entry of grain into it. Close the intake holes by smoothly turning the handle clockwise until it stops.
5. Remove the sampler from the embankment.
6. Then the sampler must be slowly turned over with the handle down, gradually pouring the sample through the hole in the end of the handle into the CCS.