The rotary evaporator is designed for evaporation of liquids at reduced pressure
and controlled temperature in order to quickly remove solvents from mixtures of substances, as well as for
the separation of liquids.
Main unit
LCD display showing rotor speed;
Mechanical lift, maximum lift up to 135 mm;
Automatic lifting when power off;
Safe clip for fastening of flasks;
Refrigerator with double helix.

Main element
Evaporation volume, ml 50-2000
Rotation speed, rpm 20-300
Rotation speed adjustment manual
Maximum tilt angle of the refrigerator 60°
Motor power, W 40
Condenser – diagonal

Heating bath:
5 liter stainless steel coated bath;
LCD display showing current and set temperatures;
Possibility of using water or oil as a heat carrier;
Maximum heating temperature – 100°С (for
water), 210°С (for oil);
Temperature maintenance accuracy ±1° С (water) ±2° С (oil)
Heating power, W 1300
Bath volume, l 5
Automatic shutdown in the absence of heat
carrier in the bath.

Overall dimensions (LxWxH) (lift 135 mm included), mm – 380x340x692
Weight, kg – 23

Transport dimensions: 1020x540x520 mm, weight, kg – 31

Standard complete set:
Main block – 1 piece.
Heating bath – 1 pc.
Refrigerator – 1 pc.
Receiving flask 1 l – 1 pc.
Evaporating flask 1 l – 1 pc.
Fasteners for installing a refrigerator and flasks – 1 set

Products are manufactured in accordance with TU BKRE.066264.014TU