BBR 700

Refrigerator +4°C (Basic)

An excellent combination of uniform temperature distribution throughout the volume and workmanship. Equipped with new controller and built-in stand-alone data logger, USB port, chart recording.

The Arctiko BBR range is the perfect combination of unique temperature uniformity and reliable technology. Experience the BBR models with an advanced controller built in without a manipulation data logger with a USB reader and chart recorder as standard.

Control functions:

Visual and audible alarm: yes
Mains failure alarm: yes
Temperature deviation alarm: yes
Door open alarm: yes
Sensor damage alarm: yes
Text display: yes
Remote alarm connector: yes
Ability to connect GSM module: yes
Battery power display and alarm: 72 h
Digital display: yes
Data logger: yes
RS 232 interface: yes
RS 485 interface: yes
USB: yes
Defrost manual / auth.: Manual / Auth.
Graphic recorder: yes


External dimensions WxDxH (mm): 720x860x1997
Working volume (l): 630
Internal dimensions WxDxH (mm): 600x695x1505
Shipping dimensions WxDxH (mm): 800x900x2200
Insulation (mm): 60
Temperature range(°C): +4
Max. ambient temperature environment(°C): 32
Supply voltage (V): 230/110
Frequency Hz): 50/60
Power consumption (kW/day): 3,53
Amperage (A): 1,8