Refrigerator pharmaceutical XF-140-1 “POZIS”

Pharmaceutical refrigerator XF-140-1 “POZIS” is designed for storage of medicines, vaccines, reagents and biological preparations at a temperature of +2 to +15°C. Refrigerator XF-140-1 “POZIS” can be installed in the premises of pharmacies, clinics, hospitals, research institutes and other healthcare institutions with a temperature of +10 to +35°C. The refrigerator is made in the form of a floor cabinet with a glass block door with a lock.

Features and additional elements:

  • microprocessor temperature controller with ultra-sensitive temperature sensor;
  • forced air circulation system;
  • metal door with a lock;
  • automatic maintenance of temperature in the chamber;
  • alarm in case of temperature deviation from the set one;
  • temperature display on the control panel display;
  • turning off the fan when the door is opened;
  • glass block door
  • plastic containers for pharmacological preparations – 2 pcs.

Specifications XF-140-1 “POZIS”:

Total volume, l. 140
The volume of the refrigerating chamber, l. 140
Number of compressors, pcs. 1
Overall dimensions, mm,
Height, mm 910
Depth, mm 610
Width, mm 600
Weight, kg, no more 45
Rated power consumption, W 150
Voltage, V 220
Guarantee 1
cooling chamber
Refrigerator defrosting system auto
Refrigerator temperature +2…+15
Climate class SN
frequency Hz 50