Laboratory portable ph-meter Anion 7000 is designed to measure ph, mass concentration of dissolved oxygen, specific electrical conductivity in the analysis of natural and technogenic waters.

Portable ph-meter/nitrate meter Anion-7000.

Small dimensions, low weight, moisture- and dust-proof housing make ANION 7000 an indispensable tool for field measurements. The absence of tuned resistors and other rotating or protruding parts ensures reliable operation of the device in difficult conditions.

In addition, this model has an additional channel for measuring nitrates in accordance with GOST 29270-95. Basic delivery set

Specifications ph-meter ANION 7000

  • Range (discreteness) EMF, mV: -1200…+1200 (1)
  • Error, mV: 2
  • Range (resolution) ph: 0…14 (0.01)
  • Ph error: 0.02
  • Range (discreteness) pNO3: 1…6 (0.01)
  • pNO3 error: 0.05
  • Temperature (discreteness), С: 0…100 (0.1)
  • Error, C: 0.3