pH meter IT-1101 is designed to measure the activity of hydrogen ions (pH), redox potential (Eh) and temperature (T) in aqueous solutions and suspensions. The pH meter is a portable microprocessor-based self-powered device and can be used both in laboratories of research institutions and industrial enterprises, and in the field.

• pH meter IT-1101 is a modern microprocessor device.
• Compact, lightweight, autonomous and economical.
• pH meter IT-1101 is easy to set up and manage.
• Easy to use.
• Combined electrode with plastic body and built-in temperature sensor included. The device can only work with a temperature sensor that has HCX NTC 30K

Display graphic LCD with clear indication
Measurement range/accuracy:
pH, units pH
-2…16* / ± 0,05
EMF, mV -500…500 / ±3,0
temperature, ºС 0…+100 / ± 2
Thermal compensation manual/automatic
Food rechargeable, from two cells type A316
PC output No
Execution desktop/portable


*Range of indications of the device. The measuring range depends on the electrode used.

Delivery set:
• Converter IT-1101
• Combined pH electrode ESK-10609/7 (with built-in temperature sensor)
• Passport, operation manual

The price includes the initial verification of the device