General laboratory pH / mV / ° C meter and Red / Ox potential meter with two combined electrodes and a temperature sensor.

Contents of delivery:

  • pH meter “Expert-rn” (IP)
  • combined pH electrodes ESK-10601/7 (0…12pH, 0…100°C) and ERP-05
  • temperature sensor TDS-3
  • standard titers
  • power unit
  • documentation (RE, MP)
  • verification

“Expert-rn” is a new generation pH meter with automatic temperature control during calibration and “intelligent” automatic temperature compensation. Extremely easy to use. Optimum dimensions and ergonomic design of the “Expert-rn” pH meter allow you to measure in the field or in production.

Registered in the State Register of SI RF No. 34127-07.
Certificate of conformity (code TN VED_9027801100).
SI registers Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan.
Gold medal “Analytical measurement methods and instruments in the food industry”.

Appointment of the pH meter “Expert-rn”:

  • determination of acidity and alkalinity of various objects
  • measurement of pH, Eh, EMF, temperature

Connection to a computer via COM or USB port for viewing, saving and printing results in graphical and tabular form. The built-in accumulator provides work of the device more than 1 month. Charging is carried out from a 220 V network using a charger.

Differences between “Expert-rn” and just a pH meter:

1. Automatic control of temperature influence during calibration.
In the memory of the pH meter, tables of the dependence of the pH of all basic buffer solutions on temperature are stored. When calibrating, the device automatically corrects the pH value, which ensures the accuracy of the results. In other words, calibration of a pH meter is possible without a thermostat at any temperature.

2. “Intelligent” automatic temperature compensation.
pH meter “Expert-rn” controls the temperature of the solution, compares it with the calibration temperature and selects the optimal mode for measurement.

3 . Simple, intuitive user menu.

4. Alarm when readings stabilize.

5. Indication of prompts and messages when errors occur.

6. Guarantee for the pH-meter “Expert-rn” – 30 months (warranty for sensors – in accordance with the passports).

7. Measurements by:

PND F 14.1:2:3:4.121-97 (ed. 2004)
GOST 26212-91
GOST 26483-85
GOST 26423-85
GOST 27753.3-88
PNDF 16.2.2:2.3:3.33-02
GOST 29207-91
GOST 27979-88
GOST 24024.5-80
GOST 24596.5-81
GOST R 51478-99
GOST 26180-84 GOST
GOST 26781-85
GOST 30648.5-99
GOST 26188-84
GOST 25699.6-98-6
GOST 938.
GOST 21119.3-91
GOST 12523-77
GOST R 50029-92
GOST 29188.2-91, etc.

Metrological characteristics:

  • Range / error of pH measurement, units pH 0…14 / ± 0.02
  • EMF measurement range / error, mV -2000…+2000 / ±1.0
  • Temperature measurement range / error, ºС -5…+100 / ± 0.5


  • Clear LCD display
  • Thermal compensation automatic
  • Battery/mains power supply
  • Dimensions, mm 60×200×110
  • Weight, kg, no more than 0.95