Laboratory ph-meter ANION 4102 is designed to measure EMF, ph, molar, mass concentration of ions, specific electrical conductivity and salinity, concentration of dissolved oxygen, as well as the temperature of aqueous media in the analysis of natural and industrial waters.

The device simultaneously conducts two parallel determinations, calculates the arithmetic mean, performs convergence control and gives the operator a ready-made result, freeing him from the need to make additional calculations!

Thus, the software design of the measurement procedure makes this device maximally adapted to the requirements of the ICA and significantly reduces the complexity of the analysis of a single sample.

Specifications ph meter ANION 4102

  • Range (discreteness) EMF, mV: -2000…+2000 (1)
  • Error, mV: 2
  • Range (resolution) ph: -2…14 (0.001)
  • Ph error: 0.02
  • Temperature (discreteness), С: 0…100 (0.1)
  • Error, C: 0.3