The chamber furnace SNOL-6/12 is designed for heat treatment (heating, hardening, firing) of various materials in air at temperatures up to 1250 °C.

Heating is carried out from three sides – side walls and under. Wire heaters are made in the form of spirals on ceramic tubes and placed directly in the working chamber, which makes it easy to replace them without damaging the furnace lining.


Under the electric furnace is covered with a wear-resistant silicon carbide plate, which has a high thermal conductivity and increases the uniformity of heating products.
The lining of the electric furnace is made of light and ultra-light refractory materials, which accelerates heating and increases their efficiency. At the same time, a material with increased strength was used in the design of the charging opening of the electric furnace.


Temperature control of electric furnaces is carried out by digital microprocessor temperature controllers, which allow to carry out the heat treatment mode with high accuracy according to a given program in two sections – setting the duration of heating and exposure.


Key Features:

  • ceramic muffle;
  • external arrangement of heaters in the form of spirals on ceramic tubes;
  • programmable thermostat;
  • wear-resistant silicon carbide hearth plates increase the reliability of furnaces and improve the uniformity of charge heating;
  • effective thermal insulation with low heat accumulation;
  • metal casing with polymer powder coating;
  • a special technological shelf made of stainless steel at the doorway;
  • various ways of opening the door create additional conditions for the convenience of using the oven.


  • Max. temperature 1250 °C
  • volume 6 l
  • chamber dimensions 180x270x130 mm
  • chamber material ceramic
  • muffle type open
  • thermostat programmer
  • power max. 2.5 kW
  • power supply 220 V/Hz
  • dimensions 460x620x575 mm
  • weight 47 kg
  • production Russia