The muffle furnace SNOL-6/10 is designed for analytical work with various materials and heat treatment (heating, hardening, firing) in air up to a temperature of 1050 °C.

The working chamber of the electric furnace is formed by a ceramic muffle with helical iron-chromium-aluminum wire heaters completely pressed into it. Heating is carried out from three sides – the side walls and the vault.


The temperature of the electric furnace is controlled by a digital microprocessor temperature controller, which makes it possible to carry out the heat treatment mode with high accuracy according to a given program in two sections – with the possibility of setting the duration of heating and holding.


Key Features:

  • ceramic muffle;
  • internal arrangement of heaters;
  • programmable thermostat;
  • wear-resistant corundum tile-lining to protect the bottom part of the muffle;
  • modern fibrous environmentally friendly and energy efficient lining materials;
  • metal casing with polymer powder coating;
  • a special technological shelf made of stainless steel at the doorway.


  • Max. temperature 1050 °C
  • volume 6 l
  • chamber dimensions 180x270x130 mm
  • chamber material ceramic
  • muffle type closed
  • thermostat programmer
  • power max. 2.2 kW
  • power supply 220 V/Hz
  • dimensions 450x600x545 mm
  • weight 40 kg
  • production Russia