The muffle furnace PM-14M1 with a programmer is designed for heat treatment of materials. It is used in production laboratories, in jewelry and souvenir production, in medicine and other areas.

The furnace is equipped with a cast ceramic muffle with high strength and surface hardness. This eliminates shedding of the inner walls of the muffle in case of possible mechanical influences on it. Due to the high thermal conductivity of the muffle, uniform heating of the internal volume of the furnace is ensured.


Key Features:

  • In furnaces of the PM series, a cast ceramic muffle is used , which has high strength and surface hardness.
  • internal arrangement of heaters;
  • thermocouple break indication;
  • heating indication;
  • spiral break indication;
  • the door fastening mechanism ensures its self-installation when closing and reduces the formation of cracks due to deformation of the body when the oven is heated;
  • the possibility of left and right door opening;
  • forced supply ventilation, which allows to reduce the temperature of the casing to safe values.
  • programmable thermostat RT-1250T (10 sections);


  • Max. temperature 1250 °C
  • volume 15 l
  • chamber dimensions 220x220x320 mm
  • chamber material ceramic
  • muffle type closed
  • thermostat programmer
  • power max. 3.5 kW
  • power supply 220/50 V/Hz
  • dimensions 500x500x630 mm
  • weight 71 kg
  • production Russia