The muffle furnace LF 9/13-G2 is designed for analytical work with various materials and heat treatment (heating, hardening, firing) in air.

Key Features:

  • ceramic muffle;
  • external arrangement of heaters (semi-open muffle);
  • heating from four sides – side walls, vault and under;
  • programmable microprocessor temperature controller with digital indication, providing ease of control and reading of indications (temperature maintenance accuracy ± 10 °С);
  • the door opens to the side (cold side towards the user);
  • a special hole on the door for an exemplary thermometer;
  • high-quality thermal insulation of the case minimizes heat loss, contributing to the rapid heating of the chamber (the time to reach the maximum temperature is 120 minutes), and also reduces power consumption;
  • the body of the furnace is painted with heat-resistant powder paint;
  • automatic shutdown of heating when the door is opened, as well as in case of overheating, for example, when the thermocouple fails, ensures safe operation of the furnace.

Features of the programmable thermostat:

  • the ability to set 3 programs containing up to 10 segments “temperature-heating-rate-hold time”;
  • the ability to display heating graphs and the heating rate of the working chamber;
  • graphic display with a resolution of 64×128 pixels with backlight for simultaneous display of current and set temperatures, as well as the necessary characteristics of the process;
  • independent overheating protection circuit connected to a separate thermal sensor (included as standard);
  • a timer with a sound notification that initiates automatic shutdown of heating after a specified time;
  • sound and light alarm, triggered when the current temperature goes beyond the limits of the allowable range of set values.


  • Volume 9 l
  • Dimensions int. 205x165x280 mm
  • Temperature 100…1300 oC
  • Thermostat programmer
  • Camera ceramics
  • Power supply 380/50 V/Hz
  • Power max. 4100 W
  • Dimensions 515x610x615 mm
  • Weight 70 kg