Universal rotary knife mills (with cooling of the grinding chamber) are designed for grinding samples of hard, soft, brittle and fibrous products with a high content of moisture, fat and fiber, sensitive to temperature changes during heating during grinding (grain, oilseeds, animal feed, etc. .). Used for moisture, fiber, fat, etc. with the possibility of obtaining grinding from 500 microns to 1 micron.

Features of the mill:
the presence of a cooled grinding chamber and a high-speed rotating knife provides a high degree of grinding without heating the product during the grinding process, sticking to the walls and evaporating moisture;
volume-controlled grinding chamber allows grinding both small samples (up to 10 ml) and bulk products: dry herbs, dry fish, fibrous materials, cellulose, peat, tree bark, etc.;
the use of a powerful asynchronous motor allows grinding without interruption between sample grinding;
grinding chamber and knife made of high-alloy corrosion-resistant stainless steel allows grinding chemically highly active and aggressive substances;
easily removable grinding chamber allows you to easily pour out the ground product from it and carry out the necessary cleaning without turning off the water recirculation system;
the applied water recirculation system allows to operate the cooled grinding chamber of the mill without connecting to the water supply (for the LM-202 mill). The cooling chamber is connected directly to the water supply (for the LM-201 mill); overload protection system turns off the electric motor when the grinding

unit stops during grinding, which significantly increases the life of the
mill and a water recirculation system (without connection to the water supply)