Milk quality analyzer “Termoscan-Mini” is designed to determine the freezing point of prepared milk GOST 52054-2003 “Raw cow’s milk (raw material). Specifications”.

Milk quality analyzer “Termoscan-Mini” (cryoscope) fully complies with the current GOST 25101-2015 “Milk. Method for determining the freezing point”, as well as GOST 30562-97 “Milk. Determination of the freezing point. Thermistor cryoscopic method”.


Distinctive features

    • suitability for raw and processed milk
    • high measurement accuracy (convergence and interlaboratory reproducibility of results)
    • compactness
    • ease of sample preparation
    • low milk consumption
    • convenience and ease of maintenance
    • attractive price
    • high efficiency

VerificationVerification is carried out in the Rosstandart system. “Termoscan-Mini” is supplied by the attorney of FBU Novosibirsk CSM. The calibration interval is 1 year. After the expiration of the verification period, you can contact the nearest CSM with the verification procedure that is included in the kit, or Sibagropribor, which will be happy to help you with this.



Cryoscope “Termoscan-Mini” is registered in the State Register of Measuring Instruments of the Russian Federation under No. 43255-16, certificate No. 62026 is valid until 04/12/2021.

The analyzer is also included in the State Register:
Republic of Kazakhstan (in Kazakh ).

Service maintenanceWarranty: 1 year
If necessary, our service centers will provide free warranty repair and post-warranty service. Repairs are carried out at a high technical level and in the shortest possible time.

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Freezing temperature measuring range from -0.950 to 0 deg. S
Absolute error +-0.004 grad. S
Sample volume 2.5 ml
Ready time 30 minutes
Measurement time no more than 5 minutes
The weight no more than 6 kg


The analyzer “Termoscan-MINI” fully complies with the current GOST RF No. 25101-2015. “Milk. Method for determining the freezing point “Clause 5 of GOST 25101-2015 states:
“Thermoelectric cryoscope with a temperature measurement range from minus 0.950°С to 0°С, with an error of ±0.002°С, with a set of test tubes for samples.”
This paragraph refers to the instrumental error of the cryoscope on control solutions of sodium chloride, on which the cryoscope is calibrated.
In the type description for the Thermoscan-Mini Milk Analyzer (cryoscope) produced by our company, the instrumental error is not indicated.
Clause 10.2 (table) of GOST 25101-2015 states:
“The absolute error limits are ± 0.005 ° С”. This paragraph refers to the absolute error of the cryoscope when measuring the freezing point of milk.
The type description for the Thermoscan-Mini Milk Analyzer (cryoscope) produced by our company states:
“The limits of the main absolute error in measuring the freezing point of milk ± 0.004 ° C”.
That is, the error of the Thermoscan-MINI milk analyzer is 0.001 degrees more accurate than required according to GOST 25101-2015.