Measuring microscope MPB-3 (reading)

Purpose: reference measuring microscope MPB-3 is designed to measure the imprint (hole) formed on the surface of various metals. when determining hardness by the Brinell method.

: The principle of operation of the measuring microscope MPB-3 is based on determining the size of the imprint image obtained by pressing the ball into the material under study under a certain load, according to the grid scale.

Specifications: lens 4x lens 2x
The maximum diameter of the measured imprint, mm 3.5 7
Division value, mm 0.02±0.0025 0.04±0.005
Field of view, mm, not less 4.5 9
Magnification, times 50±2.5 25±1.2
Limit of permissible absolute error, mm:
on the measurement range 0-1.5 (at any interval) ±0.006
on the measurement range 0-3.0 (at any interval) ±0.012
on the measuring range 0-3.5 ±0.02
on the measurement range 0-2.0 (at any interval) ±0.01
on the measuring range 0-7.0 ±0.02
Eyepiece setting limits, diopter ±4 ±4
Dead travel of the adjusting ring, mm, no more 1.2 1.2
Lateral displacement of the aiming point, mm, no more 0.04 0.04
Overall dimensions, mm, not more than height (in the lowest position of the microscope) 203 203
diameter 53 53
Microscope weight, kg, no more 0.3 0.3
Weight of the microscope with accessories, kg, no more 2 2.0