The EnSURE minilaboratory is a portable analytical system designed for complex hygienic and microbiological research, data processing and analysis. The device is easy to operate, convenient, designed according to the latest technologies for precise quality control of the sanitary condition of food, medical and other enterprises.

EnSURE Portable Mini Lab Specifications:

  • One instrument for several methods
  • Measurement time 15 seconds
  • High sensitivity (10-5 mol ATP = 1 RLU)
  • 20 test plans (production sites or study areas)
  • Entering up to 250 test points
  • Showing the name of the object on the display
  • Software user identification
  • Memory for 2000 results
  • SureTrend Software

Tests for the analytical system EnSURE

Determination of indicator microorganisms

Micro-Snap – express determination and counting of sanitary-significant groups of microorganisms (coliform bacteria and E. coli). For this method, innovative bioluminogenic media have been developed. During the reaction of the microorganism-specific enzyme and the substrate, luminescence is generated, which is recorded by the EnSURE system. Results are possible in 1-7 hours, depending on the level of sensitivity required. Results for single cells of microorganisms can be obtained after 7 hours.

Micro-Snap single-use rapid tests are supplied in packs of 100.

Preenrichment tube for coliforms and E.coli

Enrichment SWAB for pre-enrichment of coliforms and E. coli.
The test tube is intended for taking washout from the surface and pre-enrichment of microorganisms.

Enrichment SWAB tubes are supplied in packs of 100.

ATP monitoring for hygiene control

Ultrasnap and Aquasnap – ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is found in all microbial, plant and animal cells. The control of ATP levels on the surface and in the water is an ideal indicator of the overall hygiene of the production. When ATP interacts with reagents in the Ultrasnap and Aquasnap tests, a glow occurs, the intensity of which is proportional to the ATP content.

The EnSURE system measures luminescence and provides instant quantitative information about the level of pollution and its compliance with acceptable limits.

ULTRASNAP disposable rapid tests are supplied in packs of 100 pieces.

AQUASNAP disposable rapid tests are supplied in packs of 100 pieces.

Highly sensitive ATP monitoring for allergen control

SuperSnap is the most sensitive ATP test. This test is used in case of strict requirements for the purity of production, as well as in the control of residual allergens.

The test can detect residual biological contamination at levels of 1-100 ppm. Its use is possible in the control of surgical instruments, clean rooms in pharmaceuticals and microelectronics.

The SuperSnap One-Time Rapid Test comes in packs of 100.

Rapid tests for determining glucose and lactose

SpotcheckTM / Spotcheck PlusTM – tests for the determination of glucose and lactose molecules in 60 seconds. Interpretation of results by color change from transparent to green. Shelf life 12 months.
Areas of application for SpotcheckTM/Spotcheck PlusTM: dairy, confectionery,
bakery industries, as well as the production of beverages and sauces.

Listeria Tests

InSiteTM – test for Listeria (genus Listeria). Interpretation of the result of the color change from yellow to brown (black). The analysis time is 30-48 hours. Shelf life 12 months.
InSiteTM Applications: Food: Meat, fish, margarine, mayonnaise, fresh and frozen vegetables.

Packaging Insite , Listeria Testing Kit (50 pieces)
Insite , Listeria Testing Kit (100 pieces)

ATP tests

For surface:

UltraSnap — determination of the amount of ATP molecules

SuperSnap – ultrasensitive detection of ATP molecules

For liquid:

AquaSnap Free – determination of free ATP molecules

AquaSnap Total – determination of the total number of ATP molecules (microbial and free type)

Detection of microorganisms

Microsnap Coliform – E. coli bacteria test

Microsnap E.Coli — definition of E.Coli bacteria

Microsnap Enterobacteriaceae (EB) – Enterobacteriaceae test

Microsnap Total Viable Count – total microbial count test

Allergy control

AllerSnap – Allergen & Residual Protein Test (Food & Medical)

Pro-Clean Residual Protein Test (Food Industry)