Thermostats for determining the pressure of saturated vapors of petroleum products using Reid bombs
Conform to the requirements of GOST 1756, ASTM D323 and ASTM D1267 Temperature
control range +20 … +100 °С
temperature when determining the pressure of saturated vapors of petroleum products using Reid bombs in accordance with GOST 1756, ASTM D323 and ASTM D1267.

  • Advanced self-diagnostics and protection systems for monitoring the excess of the coolant temperature over the set value, the coolant level in the bath, the temperature of the pump motor, the health of the heaters and their controls.
  • Turn on and off at the specified time thanks to the built-in clock.
  • Adaptive self-adjusting temperature controller.
  • The ability to regulate the temperature according to the program, consisting of 10 temperature-time intervals.
  • Selection of optimal settings depending on the heat carrier used.
  • Adjustable rate of heating and cooling of the coolant.
  • Possibility to connect an external temperature sensor.
  • Pumps made of stainless steel, bearings and spring couplings of the original design used in the drive guarantee long-term operation of thermostats with any coolant in a wide temperature range.
  • “Careful” attitude to polymethylsiloxane (PMS) coolants, which increases the period of their use.
  • Convenient built-in stopwatch for counting time when taking measurements.


Temperature control range +20…+100 °С
Instability of maintaining the set temperature ±0.1 °С
Inhomogeneity of the temperature field in the working volume of the thermostat ±0.1 °С
Bath volume:
VT-R-01 30 l
VT-R-03 40 l
Recommended coolant:
for temperature range +20…+80 °C distilled water
for temperature range +20…+95 °C coolant coolant 40 (TOSOL A-40)
for temperature range +20…+100 °С PMS-20
distilled water
Number of places to plant Raid bombs:
VT-R-01 2 pcs
VT-R-03 3 pcs
Thermostat overall dimensions:
VT-R-01 330×275×775 mm
VT-R-03 540×245×775 mm
Open bath:
VT-R-01 120×210 mm
VT-R-03 290×160 mm
Bath depth 500 mm
Mass of the thermostat without coolant:
VT-R-01 22 kg
VT-R-03 25 kg
Power consumption 2.5 kW