Drying cabinets LOIP LF 240/300-VS1 are designed for heat treatment and drying of various materials, analytical work in air, normalization and tempering of metal, springs, heat treatment of plastics and other materials in stationary conditions at temperatures from 50°C to 300°C .

  • The microprocessor PID-controller ensures temperature maintenance with an accuracy of ±1°С
  • Four-sided heating for fast reaching of the set temperature and even distribution of temperatures in the working chamber
  • Built-in fan for maximum temperature uniformity in the cooking chamber, intensive heat transfer and short drying times
  • Conveniently located control panel with a bright LED display for displaying the current and set temperatures with a resolution of 1°C
  • Ease of management and control
  • Light signaling when the current temperature goes beyond the limits of the permissible interval
  • Stainless steel working chamber, perforated sample shelves included
  • Reliable door closing mechanism with a comfortable rotary handle and high-quality silicone seal with increased wear and heat resistance for a snug fit of the door to the body of the working chamber
  • Highly efficient basalt fiber body insulation to minimize heat loss and ensure safe operation at all temperatures


  • Temperature range, °С +50…+300
  • Error of reproduction of the set temperature °С ±5
  • Temperature maintenance accuracy, °С ±5
  • The volume of the working chamber, l 240
  • Maximum number of shelves (with rack installed) 10(20)
  • Rated supply voltage, V 220
  • Total power consumption, W 5000
  • Overall dimensions, mm 917x1200x749
  • Overall dimensions of the working chamber, mm, 567x830x451
  • Weight, kg 125