Laboratory thermostat – reducer “LTR-24” can be used as:

– a water thermostat for heating milk samples in flasks with a diameter of up to 17 cm (it is convenient to use in sample preparation before taking measurements on milk quality analyzers “Laktan 1-4M” )

– a thermostat-reductor for carrying out a reductase test according to GOST 32901-2014 (section 8.1) (keeping test tubes with milk at a temperature of 37±1 °C for 1.5 hours)

– water thermostat for fat analysis in accordance with GOST 5867-90 (keeping butyrometers in a water bath at a temperature of 65±2 °C for 5 minutes)

The built-in tripod allows you to place:

– test tubes in the amount of 24 pcs.

– butyrometers in the amount of 24 pcs.

– flasks with a diameter of not more than 17 cm

Operating temperature range from ambient temperature to 90°С

Temperature control accuracy ± 1°C

Bath volume – 6.5 liters

Dimensions (W*D*H) – no more than 385*235*270 mm

Weight (with tripod) – no more than 5.5 kg

Material – polished stainless steel

The top of the thermostat is closed with a special cover

The thermostat is equipped with a control unit for setting the required temperature and a screen for displaying the current temperature value

Warranty – 1 year

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