Laboratory scales BM 510 D

Laboratory scales of the BM model 510 D series are designed for daily work in a factory or educational laboratory, in research organizations, at jewelry enterprises, etc. The balance is controlled using two keys and does not require special training. Excellent metrology and a wide range of functions have made these scales very popular among users.

Accuracy class of laboratory scales – high (II) according to GOST 24104-01.
Laboratory scales are included in the State Register of Measuring Instruments of Russia under No. 36468-07.
Scales are included in the State Registers of Ukraine and Belarus.

Functional features of scales:

  • High contrast, easy to read LED display.
  • The platform of scales is made of stainless steel.
  • External calibration.
  • Leveling device – level ampoule and height-adjustable legs.
  • Selectable mass units (gram, carat, %, piece, ounce, etc.).
  • Taring function (zeroing the tare weight in the entire weighing range).
  • Comparator function (weight control – setting the upper and lower weighing limits).
  • Percent weighing mode (performing measurements as a percentage of components).
  • Dynamic (stable) weighing mode (weighing moving objects, such as animals).
  • Counting mode (counting the number of products having the same mass).
  • Ability to determine the density of substances (hydrostatic weighing) and weighing magnetic materials.
  • Possibility of weighing with a standard pallet hook attached under the scales.
  • RS-232C interface.
  • Computer program for statistical data processing.
  • Power supply: mains 220V/50Hz via mains adapter.

The main characteristics of the scales:

Designation VM510D
Max, г W1:210
My, g W1:0,02
d, mg W1:1
RMS, mg, no more W1:1,5
Permissible error limit during primary verification*, +- mg 5 to 50 g, 10 from 50 g to 210 g, 20 over 210 g
Cup diameter, mm 116
Adjustment cry 200g or 500g F2