pH meter pH-150 MI is designed to measure pH values, redox potential (Eh) and temperature in technological and other aqueous solutions, natural and waste waters.

  • There are no mechanical controls in the microprocessor device, which eliminates the possibility of accidental failure of the settings.
  • pH-150 MI is made in a dust and moisture protective case. With autonomous power supply, it is possible to use a ph meter in the field.
  • The ph meter is easy to use, works in an interactive mode using prompts for the operator. Automatic diagnostics of electrode system parameters.
  • The use of interchangeable temperature sensors allows you not to adjust when replacing them
  • The pH meter comes with everything you need to take measurements, incl. combined electrode ESK-10603/7 and support SHU-05, equipped with a turntable.
  • pH meter pH-150 MI allows you to specify the values ​​of the coordinates of the isopotential point of the electrode system used.
  • pH meter pH-150 MI allows you to store 30 results in memory and stop the measurement process while keeping the current readings on the display.
  • Automatic recognition of any of the standard calibration solutions pH: 1.65; 4.01; 6.86; 9.18; 12.43 makes it easy to calibrate the ph meter.

Display graphic LCD with clear indication
Measurement range/accuracy:
pH, units pH
-1,00..14,00*/ ± 0,05
EMF, mV -1999..1999 /± 3,0
temperature, ºС -10…100 / ± 2
Thermal compensation manual/automatic
Food Mains 220V / autonomous (1.5Vx4 elements A316)
Dimensions 190 x 95 x 55 mm
Execution desktop/portable


*Range of indications of the device. The measuring range depends on the electrode used.


Contents of delivery:

  • Converter pH-150 MI
  • Thermosensor
  • Combined pH electrode ESK-10603/7
  • Tripod SHU-05
  • Passport, instruction manual

The price includes the initial verification of the device.