Laboratory mill VYUGA-3M.

Designed for grinding samples of oilseeds (sunflower, rapeseed, etc.) with a moisture content of not more than 20% and a fat content of not more than 55%.
The mill is suitable for grinding samples of grain, leguminous crops, feed and raw materials for their production.
The principle of operation of the mills is based on the grinding of the product by a knife rotating at high speed in combination with a cyclic rotation of the grinding unit. To achieve uniform grinding and homogenization of the sample, the grinding unit must be tilted during grinding. The angle of inclination is set automatically in accordance with the selected mode.

Used in the preparation of samples for determining moisture, protein, fat, fiber, as well as for analyzes to determine other quality indicators by infrared spectroscopy and other laboratory methods of analysis.

• Programmable grinding modes The
laboratory mill has two initially set grinding modes:
“sunflower” – used when grinding oilseeds
“cereals. feed” – is used in the grinding of cereals, leguminous crops, feed and raw materials for their production.
Depending on the product to be ground, the operator selects the required mode of the grinding process. Installation of grinding mode options is carried out using a specially developed program via a PC. It is possible to set an additional grinding mode using a PC.
• Easy operation with information display
The mill is easy and convenient to operate. The mode and time of crushing are set by means of one button. The information display will show the grinding process parameters.
Grinding of samples with a high fat content (up to 55%)
The automatic cyclic rotation of the grinding unit of the mill at 210 ̊ and 90 ̊ in combination with a high grinding speed minimizes sample heating and oiling of the grinding chamber, which guarantees high-quality, fast grinding and homogenization of samples with a high content fat.
• Sample preparation without heating
The special design of the grinding chamber and the use of special knives ensure fast grinding and minimize sample heating, which eliminates moisture loss. According to the test results of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “UNIIM”, the mills are recommended for sample preparation during the analysis to determine the moisture content.
Included in the air-thermal measuring unit ASESh-8 (RU. С.31.005.А No. 56847)
• Maximum ease of use
For loading and unloading samples, a cup is used, which is attached to the grinding unit with a lock. The grinding unit of the mill can be rotated by 225 ̊ and fixed in two positions – in the upper one, corresponding to the grinding mode and the lower one, corresponding to the loading and unloading of samples. Optimally matched distance from the cup to the frame allows you to quickly and easily load and unload the sample.

Technical characteristics of Blizzard 3M:

Cup volume, ml 260
Permissible amount of ground product per hour, kg 1.6
Grinding time for a sample of 50 g, s 15 – 20
Timer setting range, s 21916
Speed ​​of rotation of knives, rpm 21000
The minimum mass of the ground product, g 25
Maximum weight of the product to be ground, g 70
Overall dimensions, mm 330x325x475
Weight, kg 12.6
Noise level, dB 65 – 70
Working mode Re-short-term
Power supply Single-phase AC 220V, 50 Hz
Power consumption, VA 1000
Overload protection response time, s 2