The centrifuge is portable, periodic, with a digital control system. Designed for use in the practice of laboratory clinical diagnostics for laboratory research in medicine.

Provides separation into fractions of inhomogeneous liquid systems with a density of up to 2 g/cm3 under the influence of centrifugal forces.
Has digital indication of speed and time of centrifugation.

The maximum value of the separation factor is 14700. The maximum volume of the centrifugate is 180 ml. The maximum rotation speed of the rotors is 12000 rpm.

The centrifuge provides:
– setting, indication and automatic maintenance of the rotation speed of the rotors from 500 rpm to 12000 rpm. Discreteness of a task of speed of rotation – 100 rpm;
– setting and indication of centrifugation time from 0 to 99 minutes with a resolution of 1 min.
The acceleration time of the rotors to the maximum rotation speed and the braking time is no more than 5 minutes.


  • AC Power:
  • power consumption, kVA 450
  • voltage, V 220
  • frequency, Hz 50
  • Overall dimensions, mm:
  • length 270
  • width 250
  • height 260
  • Weight, kg, no more than 15

The centrifuge can be equipped with rotors:

RU180, RU6x10M, RU12x10M. RU36x1.5M

The types of rotors supplied with the centrifuge are
determined by the order.