The illuminator OI-32 is an accessory of biological microscopes of the Biolam and Mikmed series, and, together with the microscope condenser, is designed to illuminate transparent objects.
The illuminator is used to study objects in transmitted light in a bright field with lenses of small and medium magnification.
The optical scheme of the illuminator consists of an incandescent lamp and a single-lens collector. The design of the OI-32 illuminator is placed in a silumin housing and is built into the microscope.
Embedding the illuminator in biological microscopes is carried out by replacing the mirror with an illuminator. The placement of the illuminator is as follows:

  • the flange part of the illuminator is inserted into the seat of the microscope base;
  • the lens collector is in the upper pole.
    The simplified design of the illuminator does not allow you to adjust the brightness of the illumination, as well as the focal length.
    Technical data:
  • Light source: incandescent lamp ПШ220-15 (220V, 15 W)
  • Overall dimensions of the illuminator, mm, no more: 100х60х60
  • Weight, kg, max:
  • illuminator assembly, 1 pc.;
  • bulb PH 215-225-15-1, 1 pc.;
  • passport, 1 pc.