Designed for drying seed, food and fodder grains of spiked, leguminous, oilseeds (including rapeseed and sunflower) and other crops of any degree of moisture, as well as for pre-sowing heating of seeds.
They are most effectively used with small-sized combustion plants of the MTU series. Other combustion units of the corresponding power can also be used.

They are built according to various schemes into existing grain drying complexes.
Column diamond-shaped dryers of the SZ series do not require capital foundations and can be installed on foundation blocks, concrete slabs and floors. They do not require special premises, they only need a canopy.
Grain dryers of the SZK series do not require additional protection against atmospheric precipitation.

The dryers have passed state tests at the MIS, there is a certificate of conformity from the certification body ANO Academmash (Moscow), permission from the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision (Rostekhnadzor) No. РРС 00-36773 for the use of equipment at fire and explosion hazardous production facilities for storage, processing and use of plant materials.