ULUF 400 (Basic)

The ULUF series is distinguished by its high quality, attractive design and user-friendly interface. Each ULUF series freezer is equipped with a new controller, stand-alone data logger and USB port.

ULUF series:

One compressor

Low energy consumption

Low noise level

Low heat dissipation

Insulated interior doors

・Lock on the door

Ergonomic loading

Heated door frame

Control functions :

Visual and audible alarm: yes
Mains failure alarm: yes
Temperature deviation alarm: yes
Door open alarm: yes
Sensor damage alarm: yes
Text display: yes
Remote alarm connector: yes
Ability to connect GSM module: yes
Battery power display and alarm: 72 h
Hole for installing the temperature sensor: yes
Digital display: yes
Data logger: yes
RS 232 interface: yes
RS 485 interface: yes
USB: yes
Defrost manual / auth.: Ruchn.
Graphic recorder: Optional


External dimensions WxDxH (mm): 720x885x2089
Dimensions in wooden box WxDxH (mm): 870x975x2250
Net weight (kg): 183
Working volume (l): 413
Internal dimensions WxDxH (mm): 480x608x1415
Insulation (mm): 120
Temperature range(°C): -20 / -40
Max. ambient temperature environment(°C): 25
Supply voltage (V): 230
Frequency Hz): 50/60
Power consumption (kW/day): 9
Amperage (A): 1,9