The price is for the base unit. To receive a commercial offer for the device in the working configuration, please contact the manager.

A wide range of attachments:
InfraLUM® FT-08 offers a full range of Pike Technologies optical accessories adapted for installation in the spectrometer sample compartment, including:

  • MATRT prefix (multiple frustrated total internal reflection);
  • ATR prefix (frustrated total internal reflection);
  • Diffuse reflection attachment;
  • Multi-pass gas cell;
  • IR microscope and others.

Ease of use

  • intuitive and easy to use software;
  • the most convenient case design for work;
  • the largest and most convenient cuvette compartment for installing attachments;
  • the possibility of self-starting the device.

Features of the optical-electronic path “InfraLUM FT-08”

  • patented design of the interferometer, insensitive to misalignments;
  • sealed optical compartment with automatic humidity and temperature control system for optical and electronic systems;
  • radiation source with a service life of up to 5 years.

Software Features

  • implementation of all basic operations with spectra;
  • creation of local methods for specific tasks and client requests;
  • compliance with the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 and GLP;
  • connection of thematic spectra libraries in JCamp formats, developed by STJapan-Europe specifically for the instrument software;
  • creation of own libraries both on the basis of spectra taken on IR-Fourier spectrometers of the InfraLUM series, and on the basis of spectra of spc, jcp, jdx formats, etc.;
  • 24-bit ADC, USB 2.0 interface, Windows XP/2000 operating system.

Operating procedure

The instrument is controlled by the SpectraLUM® program running under Windows 2000/XP, which ensures ease of control and enables even untrained personnel to quickly master the operation of the instrument. The program automates the process of measuring and processing the spectrum, allows the operator to obtain information about the sample in a convenient form and has a developed system for viewing and processing the received data.
Gas analysis A gas
sample is filled into a single- or multi-pass gas cuvette and the transmission (or absorption) spectrum is measured using the SpectraLUM® program. The length of the optical path of the used gas cell varies from 50 mm to 2.4 m or more and is selected depending on the properties of the measured gases and their concentration.
Analysis of liquid samples
For the analysis of liquids, collapsible and non-collapsible liquid cuvettes are used, with an optical path length from 0.01 to 1 mm and with windows made of various materials that provide transparency in the required spectral range and the necessary resistance to moisture, as well as ATR or MATRT attachments.
Analysis of Solid Samples
Solid samples are pressed with KBr and the transmission (or absorption) spectrum of the obtained “tablet” is measured using the SpectraLUM® program. The sample can also be triturated with vaseline oil and the spectrum measured in a liquid cuvette.
For the greatest rapidity, or in case of complexity or insufficient information content of other measurement methods, ATR, MATRT or diffuse reflection prefixes can be used.
Film analysis
To measure the transmission (or absorption) spectrum of films, a thin film magnetic holder is used. To measure the ATR spectra – vertical or horizontal ATR attachments.
Small Object Analysis An
IR microscope is used to obtain IR spectra of small samples or small areas of the sample surface. Depending on the operating mode of the microscope, it is possible to obtain transmission, reflection or ATR spectra.
Identifying Sample Spectra from Spectrum Libraries
The measured sample spectrum can be automatically identified. For this, the SpectraLUM® software (library module) is used. Spectrum libraries can be ordered together with the instrument or created independently

Areas of use

  • analysis of inorganic and organometallic substances;
  • analysis of various organic compounds (aldehydes and ketones, alcohols and phenols, esters, lactones, anhydrides, etc.);
  • hydrocarbon analysis;
  • analysis of biochemical substances;
  • analysis of flavoring substances and cosmetics;
  • determination of fractional, group and structural-group composition, aromatization index;
  • analysis of preparations for forensic problems;
  • pesticide analysis;
  • analysis of lubricants;
  • analysis of chemical semiconductors;
  • analysis of paints and dyes;
  • analysis of samples in forensic laboratories;
  • control of benzene content in oil products (GOST R 51930-2002, EN 238-2004);
  • qualitative classification of surfactants (ASTM D 2357-74(2003);
  • analysis of polymers and polymer additives;
  • analysis of food additives and food packaging;
  • identification of the source of pollution of a water body by oil and oil products;
  • determination of the content of oil products in water (GOST R 51797-2001) and soil;
  • determination of trans-fatty acid isomers in fatty products (GOST R 51797-2001) and soil;
  • control of the content of oxygenates in gasoline (GOST R 52256-2004);
  • identification of pharmaceuticals, narcotic drugs and antibiotics.

Recommended scope of delivery

  • IR Fourier spectrometer “InfraLUM FT-08”, including the software package “SpectraLUM”;
  • SpectraLUM software (library module) with spectra libraries (according to the Customer’s list);
  • A set of necessary cuvettes and attachments (according to the Customer’s list).


Working spectral range from 400 to 7800 cm -1
Spectral resolution (nominal) 0.5; one; 2; four; eight; 16 cm-1
Signal-to-noise ratio (rms) for a wave number of 2150 cm-1, determined in the range of ±50 cm-1 for a resolution of 4 cm-1 and an accumulation time of 60 s, not less than 40000
Limit of deviation of the line of 100% transmission from the nominal value for the wave number 2150 cm-1, determined in the range of ±50 cm-1 ±0,2%
The level of positive and negative pseudo-stray light caused by the non-linearity of the photodetector system ±0,25%
Power supply of spectrometers from the AC mains 220 V / 50 Hz
Overall dimensions, no more 580x550x340 mm
Weight, no more 32 kg
Power consumption 65 W