Aquasnap Total is a test for testing water and CIP systems.

AQUASNAP (AQUASNAP) resembles ULTRASNAP, with the only difference being that it is designed to determine water pollution. Inside, instead of a sterile swab, there is a reservoir for sampling the water under study.


With AQUASNAP you can check the suitability of water after water treatment, check CIP-systems after a sanitary wash, as well as for many other purposes where constant monitoring of water purity is required.


AQUASNAP (AQUASNAP) is a universal indicator system for determining microbiological contamination in the presence of ATP molecules (adenosine triphosphate).


ATP is a unique bioenergy molecule that is found in everything: microorganisms, fungi, plants, animals and humans. In this regard, this technology makes it possible to identify not only microorganisms by ATP, but also secondary pollution products that were left after improper sanitization of the object.


When ATP interacts with Aquasnap Total reagents, light quanta are released,


which fix devices: SystemSure Plus and EnSure.


The total duration of the analysis is only 30 seconds.