Exhaust cabinet ShV-104 profile.

A distinctive feature of this series of fume hoods is the use of a light and durable aluminum frame fume hood. This design feature allows the production of the widest range of products, taking into account the characteristics of various laboratories. For example floor fume hoods, fume hoods with transparent glass sides, display fume hoods that can be accessed from four sides. Thanks to the modular principle, cabinets can be connected to each other, forming a single exhaust zone. The lifting screen in cabinets of this series is made of sheet structural plexiglass with a fixed installation at different heights. Bearing panels are made of steel coated with polymeric epoxy powder paint.


  • 3 sockets for 220V
  • camera lighting with a switch on the front panel
  • automatic power cut

  • plumbing kit (small or large sink, cold water tap with fitting or faucet
  • valves for supplying gas, vacuum
  • remote control from the front panel with water, gas, etc.
  • corrugated pipe and ventilation unit for forced exhaust

Overall dimensions 2435*700*900

Countertop material Designation
Ceramic tile To
Porcelain stoneware KG
Laboratory plastic Alfa Ica PA
Laboratory plastic Trespa TopLab Fri
Chemical resistant laboratory plastic PV
Stainless steel H
Epoxy composite (Durcon) DC
Seamless ceramics K8