Panel hood.

Overall dimensions 1200*740*2100

The exhaust chamber is a solid metal panel structure. The cabinet is equipped with an extract from three zones: from the working area, from the level of the working surface and from the pedestal.

The lifting screen can be made:

  • made of glass covered with shock-resistant film, with a system of counterweights
  • sheet plexiglass with fixed installation at different heights (option)

Execution of the working chamber:

  • О – for work in medium aggressive environments , sheet steel, painted with polymer powder paint (option)
  • H – for work in environments of increased aggressiveness , stainless steel grade 12X18H10T painted with polymer epoxy powder paint
  • P and D for work in environments of high aggressiveness polypropylene and “DURCON”


  • 3 sockets for 220 V,
  • camera lighting with a switch on the front panel,
  • automatic power cut


  • plumbing kit (small or large sink, cold water tap with fitting or mixer);
  • valves for supplying gas, vacuum;
  • remote control from the front panel with water, gas, etc.;
  • complete with corrugated pipe and ventilation unit for forced exhaust;
  • possibility of manufacturing in explosion-proof design (without sockets).

Lifting plexiglass screen:

Countertop material Designation
Ceramic tile To
Porcelain stoneware KG
Laboratory plastic Alfa Ica PA
Laboratory plastic Trespa TopLab Fri
Stainless steel H
Durcon Laboratory Cooker D
Seamless ceramics K8