The dispenser “ECOHIM” is designed for laboratories of Microbiology, Immunology, Biochemistry, Genetics, Analytical Chemistry and Research.

Features of the OPA series dispenser:


1) The dispenser is fully autoclavable;
2) By turning the plunger, an easy setting of the dosing volume is provided, setting the desired volume is accompanied by clicks;
3) Functionality and ease of use make it possible to independently calibrate the dispenser;
4) Each dispenser is factory calibrated to ISO 8655, calibration certificate included;
5) The dispenser material has a high chemical resistance;
6) Convenient display allows you to constantly control the dosed volume of liquid;
7) Shelving bracket provides convenient storage of the dispenser.


Dispenser features:


1) Smooth piston mechanism provides the least resistance and greater accuracy;
2) Tip ejector ensures soft ejection;
3) Convenient finger rest;
4) The handle, repeating the shape of the fingers, determines the ergonomics and reliability;
5) The required volume is set with an accuracy that ensures the ideal dosing of the liquid;
6) The light weight of the dispenser makes your work less tiring and increases its efficiency;
7) The ideal body shape helps to dispense liquid into narrow deep vessels;
8) The durable tip holder has high impact resistance and chemical resistance.




– Volume range from 10 to 100 µl, step 0.5 µl;
-) ± 3.0% (at a volume of 10 µl);
b) ± 0.8% (with a volume of 100 µl);
– Reproducibility
a) less than 1.5% (with a volume of 10 µl);
b) less than 0.15% (with a volume of 100 µl).


– Body color is white.