The pH meter PH-98108 has an enlarged liquid crystal display and is equipped with a replaceable universal glass electrode model SP300S. However, the instrument can work with any pH electrode thanks to the universal type of BNC connector. This undoubted advantage of the KL-98108 model makes it possible not only to use pH electrodes with specific parameters, but also provides a free replacement of a failed standard electrode. The procedure for using the PH-98108 pH meter is extremely simple: we lower the electrode into the solution and look at the pH value on the screen. If reading in this position is inconvenient, you can press the lock button, remove the device from the test sample and read its readings with peace of mind.

The pH meter PH-98108 measures pH in the range of 0-14pH, with an accuracy of ±0.1pH at 20℃ and ±0.2pH at other temperatures with a resolution of 0.1pH. To eliminate the dependence of readings on temperature, automatic temperature compensation is provided. The dimensions of the device are 175 mm by 51 mm by 25 mm, weight 77 grams. Scope of application production, life, educational institutions.

Powered by three 1.5V AG13 elements, which are enough for 1000 hours of operation of the device, and for a period of inactivity it can be turned off with a button on the front panel.