Drying cabinet PE-4610 is an example of the use of high-quality parts, materials and the introduction of the latest world technologies in the laboratory industry of Russia. It is perfectly used for drying, heating, temperature control, heat treatment of various materials and products in the air.



  • Fast and uniform heating of the working chamber;
  • Digital PID controller based on fuzzy logic (Fuzzy Logic);
  • Reverse timer (cabinet stops working after the specified time);
  • Stainless steel chamber;
  • Forced air circulation (fan);
  • Adjustable fan speed;
  • Double protection against overheating.





  • Operating temperature range – Troom + 5 – 300 ° C;
  • Temperature setting resolution – 0.1°С;
  • Discrete time setting timer – 1 min;
  • The maximum timer setting time is 5999 minutes;
  • The maximum rate of temperature rise is 5 °С/min;
  • Temperature unevenness by volume – ±1°С;
  • Standard / maximum number of installed shelves – 2/5 pcs;
  • Chamber volume – 64 l;
  • Chamber dimensions – 400x360x450 mm;
  • AC power supply (50 Hz) – 220 ± 10 V;
  • Maximum power consumption – 1600 W;
  • Overall dimensions, mm 550x550x840;
  • Weight – 61 kg.


Standard equipment:

  • Wardrobe – 1 piece;
  • Shelf – 2 pcs.




1. A temperature controller that implements PID control using fuzzy logic provides the following advantages compared to a classic PID controller:

  • less overshoot, less stabilization time with high accuracy of temperature maintenance;
  • there is no need to select all the controller parameters for various objects, it is enough to change only the proportional component;
  • a single execution of the automatic adjustment procedure for a given object ensures that the controller parameters are found that are optimal for the entire temperature range;
  • there is no need to install a door opening sensor, since the controller automatically detects it by changing the parameters and compensates for its influence as quickly as possible.

2. Fan speed control allows you to provide suitable processing conditions for specific samples. For example, to prevent blowing out fine powder samples.

3. Adjustable door latch ensures a secure seal throughout its life.