The EKROS dispenser is intended for laboratories of various profiles, such as: microbiology, immunology, biochemistry, genetics, and is also used in a number of medical institutions for volumetric dosing of biofluid samples and reagents.

Nomenclature: OF(A) – Single channel fixed volume dispenser fully autoclavable




The dispensers are included in the state register of measuring instruments under No. 35528-07 and have a medical registration certificate No. FSR 2007/00097. All dispensers undergo mandatory initial verification (each dispenser package includes an individual verification certificate) and are accompanied by warranty and post-warranty service.


General description:


The dispenser material has a high chemical resistance;
The pipette is fully autoclavable
Smooth piston mechanism provides the least resistance and greater accuracy;
Tip ejector guarantees soft ejection;
Convenient finger rest
The light weight of the dispenser makes your work less tiring and increases its efficiency;
The ideal shape of the body helps to dispense liquid into narrow deep vessels;
The landing cone is made of polyvinyl fluoride, which provides additional strength and hardness;
The inner stem of the dispenser is made of thermoplastic (polyetherketone) for added durability and corrosion resistance.




autoclavability: total pipetting
volume: 1000 µl
tip: 1000 µl
accuracy: 0.3%
reproducibility: 0.3%


Dosing equipment:


Dispenser, passport (certificate of verification), instructions for use, replaceable tips, calibration key, lubricant.