Diaphanoscope DSZ-3 is designed to determine the vitreousness of grain by its optical properties. It is used in laboratories of grain-receiving, flour-grinding, baking enterprises, as well as State Chemical Institute and research organizations. The principle of operation of a diaphanoscope is based on the unequal ability of vitreous and powdery grains to transmit a light flux, i.e. difference in their optical properties. Diaphanoscope DSZ-3 consists of a body; cassette movement mechanism; light source – LEDs; magnifying lenses. The studied grain samples are placed in one hundred cells of the cassette, which is inserted into the inlet of the broach unit until it engages with the feed rollers. With the help of the feed screw, the cassette moves to the zone of visual observation of each row of grains, illuminated by the light flux