The price is for the base unit. To receive a commercial offer for the device in the working configuration, please contact the manager.

FIWE 6 is a crude fiber extractor, commonly known as non-digestible residue.

The determination of crude fiber is necessary for nutritional, economic and legal reasons. In the production of food and feed, fiber is used as a fairly cheap filler, reducing the overall cost of finished products. The content of fiber and other dietary fibers is included in the list of components subject to mandatory control.

The advantages of this FIWE 6 automatic extractor are:

  • high speed of analysis;
  • reliability and accuracy of results;
  • high reproducibility of results.

Areas of application for the FIWE extractor:

  • determination of crude fiber (Weende)
  • determination of alkaline or acid soluble fiber
  • determination of acid soluble lignin
  • determination of various fiber fractions

FIWE performs single or sequential extractions including boiling, washing and filtering.

Specifications FIWE 6

Structural material: Epoxy coated stainless steel
Extraction type: Cold and hot extraction
Number of tested samples: 6
Samples: processed individually
Sample Quantity: 0.5 to 3 g
Sample removal: Air pump
Reagent change: peristaltic pump
Digital timer: 0 – 99 minutes with an audible signal at the end of the countdown
Temperature: Electronic adjustment
Reagents and cooling water: Separate output
Power: 1200 W
Weight: 40 kg
Crude fiber (according to Weende and Wijstrom)
Neutral or acid soluble fiber (according to Van Söst)
Lignin, cellulose, hemicellulose