Centrifuge OPn-3.01 for separating inhomogeneous liquid systems with a density of up to 2 g/cm3 in the field of centrifugal forces in laboratory studies.


The centrifuge is equipped with a rotor for 10 tubes of 15 ml. The time to reach the steady state operation is no more than 3 minutes. The centrifuge OPn-3.01 provides rotation speed setting to 1000, 1500, 3000 rpm. with light signaling of the installed stage. For safety at work there is an electronic blocking of a casing of the centrifuge. The casing is made of plastic.


The centrifuge has a security system that provides:

  • blocking the opening of the lid until the tube holder stops completely.
  • blocking the inclusion of the rotation of the test tube holder with the lid open;

Operating conditions:

  • the upper value of the relative air humidity is 80% at +25 °C.
  • ambient air temperature from +10 to +35 °С;


The centrifuge is supplied with the necessary set of spare parts (test tubes).



  • Rotation speed 1000, 1500, 3000 rpm
  • Vessel type 15 ml tube
  • Number of sockets 10 pcs.
  • Volume of centrifugate 150 ml
  • Continuous operation time 2 hours
  • Maximum separation factor 1670
  • Power max. 200 W
  • Dimensions 445×430×235 mm
  • Weight 12 kg
  • Power supply 220/50 V/Hz