Benchtop centrifuge OPn-3.02 of intermittent action is used to separate inhomogeneous liquid systems with a density of not more than 2 g/cm. cube in the field of centrifugal forces.

The principle of operation of the centrifuge is based on the action of centrifugal forces on the investigated inhomogeneous liquid system in test tubes. Centrifugal forces are created by rotating the test tube holder (rotor) with the help of an electric motor.

Table centrifuge OPn-3.02 Specifications

  • Step speed reference, (min-1) 1000,1500,3000
  • Type of control manual
  • Timer, min –
  • Time to reach the operating mode, min no more than 3
  • Deceleration time, min no more than 3
  • Maximum speed, min-1 no more than 3000
  • Maximum split factor value 1670
  • Maximum centrifugate volume, ml 150
  • Food
  • Voltage, V 220
  • Frequency, Hz 50
  • Power consumption, V A 300
  • Overall dimensions, mm
  • Length 460
  • Width 430
  • Height 270
  • Centrifuge weight, Kg no more than 15
  • The presence of a lid lock +
  • Number of test tubes 10 x 10 ml.