Microscope Biomed 4 binocular is designed for observing preparations in transmitted light in bright and dark fields and by the phase contrast method (in the presence of a dark field condenser of a phase contrast device – an additional option). Let’s apply in various areas of research activity: in biology, ecology, in various diagnostic laboratories, laboratories of SES and veterinary medicine, in various fields of technology, and also for educational purposes.

The microscope can be equipped with an autonomous LED illuminator. Light Emitting Diode (LED), 6W, DC 9V LED life of 30,000 hours, provides lighting equivalent to a 30W halogen lamp. Power supply – mains adapter, 220 V/9 V, built-in rechargeable battery for use outside the laboratory up to 100 hours (when fully charged), battery charging time 5 – 6 hours, brightness control.

A microscope with an autonomous illuminator is applicable in classrooms not equipped with electrified tables, in mobile laboratories, in the field.

Research methods SP, TP*, FC*
Magnification, times 40h-1600h
Nozzle Binocular
Turret 4 positions for lenses (from the observer)
Lenses Dimensions: 4×0.1 10×0.25 40×0.65 100×1.25MI
Wide field eyepieces WF10х/18mm, WF 16х/12 m
Linear field of view 18 mm
Subject table With two-coordinate movement of the drug
Condenser With iris, Abbe system NA1.2
Light filters Blue; green
Illuminator 20 (30*) watts
Light source Halogen lamp 6V 20W; LED 9V/6W
Current source 220V; Battery 9V, 2700mA
dimensions 345x250x475 mm
Weight 6 kg