The FLUORAT®-02-2M filter fluorimeter is used for routine measurements of objects for which the spectral characteristics of luminescence have been preliminarily established.

The selection of light fluxes is carried out by specially selected light filters. As a light source, a high-pressure pulsed xenon lamp is used, which provides sufficient light fluxes in the entire spectral range of optical methods – from hard ultraviolet to the red border of visible light.

The main operating mode of the analyzer is a fluorimeter. The device can also work as a photometer or chemiluminometer. Cuvettes 10×10 mm for fluorimetry and 10×20, 10×40 mm for photometry can be installed in the cuvette compartment.

The analyzer operates on AC power or a 12 V battery. This allows it to be used as part of mobile laboratories. The device implements the method of absorption photometry. The device can be used as an external fluorimetric detector of HPLC systems.

Distinctive features:

  • low limits of determination;
  • high selectivity;
  • a wide range of determined indicators;
  • reduction of analysis time and reagent consumption;
  • saving calibrations in non-volatile memory;
  • multifunctionality (works as a fluorimeter, chemiluminometer, phosphorescence measuring device, photometer, nephelometer; model 2M works as a fluorimetric detector as part of the Lumachrome liquid chromatograph.

Areas of use

Environmental studies:

  • express analysis of water in reservoirs and streams for the content of pollutants
  • screening examinations of water areas with a risk of pollution by oil products;
  • monitoring studies of the content of harmful substances in water bodies;
  • control of contamination of soils and soils with oil products and heavy metals.

Sanitary Research:

  • control of the content of toxic substances and compounds in drinking and waste waters;
  • control of air pollution by aerosols and volatile substances (after samples are transferred to the liquid phase).


  • research of hydrogeological processes using the “fluorescent label” method.


  • control of the content of residual amounts of oil products in liquid oxygen;
  • control of the purity of technological solutions.


  • routine analyzes of biological media.

Food industry:

  • control of food products for the content of vitamins B1, B2, C.


Measurement time no more than 16 s
Used cuvette types – K10, K20, K40 (K20 and K40 only for analysis by photometry for samples, volume 3, 6.12 cm3
The volume of the analyzed sample (in a standard cuvette K10) up to 3 cm3
The limit of the permissible value of the absolute error when measuring the transmittance of samples in the range of 10-90% 0,02
The limit of the permissible value of the absolute error when measuring the mass concentration of phenol in water in the range of 0.01-25 mg / dm3 is calculated by the formula: (C-concentration) 0.004+0.10*S mg/dm3
Operating spectral range (excitation and transmission channel) 200-650 nm
Operating spectral range (registration channel) 250-650 nm
Average service life at least 5 years
MTBF at least 1000 hours
Dimensions no more than 325x300x125 mm
Weight no more than 9.5 kg
Food ~220 V
Power supply from an independent source 12 V
Power consumption no more than 36 W
Current frequency 50 Hz