• Professional scales for carrying out high-precision measurements in laboratories.
  • Calibration with a built-in weight, “Se-CAL” self-calibration function, built-in measurement reproducibility test program.
  • A system of settings for obtaining the most accurate results in conditions of exposure to air currents or vibration.
  • α-check self-diagnosis function to check the performance of the device components.
  • ISO/GLP/GMP-compliant interface for transferring weighing and calibration results, USB and RS-232C ports.
  • Large LCD display with bright backlight.
  • Calendar, clock, counting mode, summation mode, hook for weighing under the scales, the function of statistical processing of measurement results.
  • The original wind protection design provides convenient access to the weighing platform.
  • Scales are made in Japan.


Scale model AF-224RCE AF-225DRCE
NPV, Mr 220 92/220
NmPV, g 0,01 0,001
Discreteness, mg 0,1 0,01/0,1
Verification division price, mg 1
Type of calibration Automatic
Accuracy class according to GOST R 53228-2008 I (special)
Measuring sensor type Electromagnetic compensation type
Tare compensation range from 0 to 100% NPV
Working platform size, mm Ø 80
Overall dimensions, mm 320 × 210 × 335
Weight, kg, no more 5,5
Operating temperature range, °C from +15 to +25
Relative humidity, %, no more 80
Power source from 220 V network, via 5.9 V adapter
Display type LCD with backlight
(character height – up to 16 mm, 40-step
load scale)
Windshield three-door
Interfaces Bidirectional RS-232C as standard
(scales equipped with USB and D-SUB9P connectors)