Set of preparations “Botany” (16 samples for school)
Sets of ready-made preparations are intended for independent study and carrying out school laboratory work on basic biology courses:

  • botany
  • zoology
  • general biology
  • anatomy and physiology

An educational micropreparation is a glass slide with an object located and fixed on it, already prepared for examination under a microscope. The top of the object is covered with a thin cover glass. The dimensions of finished preparations are standard (25 mm x 76 mm) and are suitable for use with any Micromed biological microscope.
All micropreparations are signed, numbered and placed in plastic cases with individual compartments for easy storage and study.
16 samples, 8 slides, cover slips

  • Corn stalk longitudinal section
  • Sunflower stem cross section
  • Pine stem cross section
  • Onion epidermis whole body
  • Mitosis of the onion root
  • Lily anther cross section
  • Pine leaf cross section
  • Sheet cross section
  • Lily pollen whole body
  • Pine pollen whole body
  • Spirogyra Whole Body
  • Root cross section
  • root cap
  • Corn kernels longitudinal section
  • fern gametophyte
  • Sporangium of the cuckoo flax