OWEN developed a concrete-mixing plant’s automated control system based on SDF1 automation package.

For continuous operation of the concrete mixing unit, only two people are required: operator and loader driver to load inert materials (crushed stone, sand, screenings) into the bins.

The system includes three access levels: Adjuster (full access), Process Engineer (level of concrete proportioning), Operator (selection of concrete proportioning level, manual and automatic operation, setting the concrete production volume).

The system consists of three main subsystems: weight batching, supply and preparation of ready-made concrete, archiving. The system archives data on the amount of materials used (cement, sand, crushed stone, water, chemical additives), records the number of batches and shipped ready-mixed concrete of a certain grade, and emergency events. It is possible to adapt the software to the specific customer tasks. The control system has three operation modes: automatic, semi-automatic (individual changes in the proportioning), and manual (carrying out maintenance, washing the mixer, etc.)