PROJECT-P Company developed an automated product accounting system on the production lines of a Moscow-based confectionery factory

The system comprises a hardware and software package based on OWEN equipment. It helps to solve the challenge of product accounting. The system provides for primary information processing, as well as the transfer of credentials to a SQL Server database with further accounting of products in the enterprise's ERP system (Axapta, 1C, etc.).

The accounting system represents a three-tiered automated system. Tier 1 includes sensors and OWEN SI30 pulse counters, which are installed in the checkpoints of process lines. Non-contacting position transducers are connected to the counters counting the number of pulses from them. Thus, local accounting of manufactured product quantity is ensured. Tier 2 comprises the OWEN SPK107 programmable logic touch controller. SI30 counters are connected in series to the controller via the RS-485 interface, which are polled via Modbus-RTU protocol. Communication of SPK107 with the third tier is carried out via Ethernet. Tier 3 focuses on an SQL Server database server and ERP system.

The developed accounting system is the optimal solution for automated accounting of finished products. Information on manufactured products is reflected in accounting records promptly and fully, and the rejected products are also taken into account. This system helps to minimize losses and products shortages.

Developer – PROJECT-P Company, Vologda.