Acoustic Control Systems OOO (ACS OOO) research and production company was founded in 1991 to carry out applied research studies in the field of acoustic nondestructive testing of structurally inhomogeneous materials, as well as to create competitive ultrasonic testing equipment for a wide range of products

Capitalizing on more than 25 years of our experts’ experience, ACS OOO can create high-end and user-friendly equipment with numerous features and modern design.

The Company employs three doctors and two candidates of technical sciences, one candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, as well as more than 50 highly qualified engineers and specialists. The Company’s key research and development results are regularly published in scientific, industrial, and thematic journals and are reported at technical forums, conferences, and seminars.

ACS OOO instruments and tools for manual and automated control have proven themselves as high-quality, modern, and competitive products, which are in demand both in Russia and abroad. More than 20% of products are exported to CIS countries, the European Union, the USA, Asia, Australia, Latin America, and Middle East.

In 2017, the Company opened its representative office in Germany – ACS-Solutions GmbH. The latter allowed the Company to open a warehouse to promptly delivery devices worldwide and to create a service department for warranty and post-warranty maintenance. ACS-Solutions GmbH experts regularly participate in scientific conferences, workshops, and relevant fairs and trade shows.

In the middle of 2017, the Company completed the construction of its office and production site and from now it is located there. There, the Company managed to create reliable and high-quality material and technical facilities, and unite different production, research, scientific and technological processes within a single complex.

Currently, the Company is maintaining a leading position among manufacturers of non-destructive testing equipment. Moreover, our equipment for ultrasonic testing of concrete, reinforced concrete, composite materials, and stone has no analogs in the world.

ACS-Group Production