Device for determining the number of falling CHP-7 (with cooling)
The device CHP-7 is designed to control one of the indicators of the quality of grain, flour and other starch-containing products by determining the activity of alpha-amelase.
The PChP-7 device, in terms of its technical characteristics, the duration of the determination, as well as the data obtained, is similar to the PChP-3 device and differs from the latter in its built-in cooling system, which makes it possible not to connect the device to a water source and not to use a drain. These changes make it possible to save water in volumes up to 1000 liters per day and make the device autonomous in agricultural laboratories.
Key Features:

  • automatic evaluation of measurement results;
  • automatic temperature control in the water bath;
  • built-in water bath lid cooling system;
  • the duration of continuous operation of the device is 8 hours;
  • simultaneous measurement in two samples.

Specifications :

Falling number determination range, s 60-900
Measurement time 0…900 sec
Heating temperature 99.5±0.5 °C
Falling height of stirrer rod in viscometer tube, mm 68±1
Oscillation frequency of stirrer rods 2.0±0.3Hz
Agitator rod weight, g, no more 25.00±0.05
Water bath volume, l 3
Power supply of the device from the AC mains: 220V;50Hz
Power consumption, no more 1700 W
dimensions 450x170x530
Device weight, kg thirty